For the love of art

I am the Colour the Kitty, a Canadian lady that loves to make art. When I was younger I had a passion for writing (which I still do!), but over time of mental health issues, one day I found myself with a Colour By Numbers colouring book and some old coloured pencils (Rose Art). Years later, I'm still colouring to my heart's content and have grown to making beautiful handmade, handcoloured greeting cards. Feel free to browse and check them out. Feel free to buy one! 

Nowadays as I journey through the quest of the mental health struggles, I am left to fund my own journey.  OHIP here only covers basic doctor appointments, any prescriptions and therapy fees is out of pocket.  OHIP likes to tell me to go find a better job so the employer drug plan would cover the costs, however not all employment offers a medical insurance plan.  Hence why the healthcare system keeps telling me to go somewhere else for help.  Believe me, I have tried multiple avenues for help, only to be told to go elsewhere. 

Here is a possible future idea, I am considering the idea of hosting art colouring parties.  If you're interested and you're in the Greater Toronto Area, please contact me.  I have coloured pencils and colouring books. 


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